The tale of the Dark sow (Mörksuggan) has been to told throughout the parishes of Dalarna. The Dark sow does not solely symbolize darkness itself but it is also somewhat of a mystical and magical being that has always captured the imagination of people in this province with impressive contrast to the color-ful ceremony splendor otherwise associated with Dalarna.

Most commonly the Dark sow is found on the countryside, in outhouses, barns, sheds, attics, hay-lofts, and in root cellars or simply behind the cottage corner or in the fringe of a forest, however always in the vicinity of people.

The Dark sow has for more than 60 years been designed and produced by the Eriksson family, on the Janers ranch (Janersgården) in Gisselbo outside Avesta, displaying the ranch book-mark on the neck.

Could you imagine anything more mysterious than the Dark sow? Always and everywhere present, listening, perceiving, without being heard itself. The wisdom, acting in silence, that is her secret. The great forests, the old log houses comprise the natural habitat of the Dark sow and no one in our time has seen her more often, no one has captured her essence better or more justly than the whimsical Verner Molin.

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